In honor of John, we created the John H. Urwin III Memorial Scholarship. These scholarships are awarded annually to three deserving students, interested in further pursuing the fields of education, science and music, all of which John loved.

Each year in May we award three scholarships at the Coventry High School Awards Night in the three fields mentioned above.

We hope to do these for many years to come.

2018 - 2019 Recipients
Excellence in Music Scholarship - Abigail Elizabeth Harbeck
Excellence in Science Scholarship - Brendan Thomas McGrath
Science Education Scholarship - Sophia Rose Irene Smerkar

2017 - 2018 Recipients
Music/Band Scholarship - Paula Slinko
Science Scholarship - Lydia Clifford
Education Scholarship - Brianna Angelone

2016 - 2017 Recipients
Music/Band Scholarship - Jason Hoskins
Science Scholarship - Stephanie Dowling
Education Scholarship - Jennifer Brown

2015 - 2016 Recipients
Music Band Award - Derek Smith
Science Award - Jonathan Mullen
Education Award - Haley Medeiros

2014 - 2015 Recipients
Band Award - Derek deSousa & Devon deSousa
Science Award - Henry Isaiah Tyler Ritter
Education Award - Aaron Joseph Neary

2013 - 2014 Recipients
Band Award - Sarah Sullivan
Science Award - Sean Roles
Education Award - Andrew LeCampion

2012 - 2013 Recipients
Band Award - Patrick Shea
Science Award - Kristin Gallagher
Education Award - Ashley Fochler

2011 - 2012 Recipients
Band Award - Patrick Ryan
Science Award - Johnna Wilson
Science Education Award - Maloree Shields

2010 - 2011 Recipients
Band Award - Brett James Lasorsa
Science Award - Samantha Reib
Education Award - Mackenzie Clifford

2009 - 2010 Recipients
Band Award - Victoria Elizabeth Lavery
Science Award - Sarah Elizabeth Skov
Education Award - Molly Anne Cocaine

2008 - 2009 Recipients
Band Award - Ghyllian Holly Conley
Science Award - Lace Lynn Griffiths
Education Award - Nichols David Kettle

2007 - 2008 Recipients
Band Award - Jesstin Jacobs
Science Award - Alan Fratantuono
Education Award - Rachel Riley


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The Twelfth Annual Fundraising Pasta Dinner To benefit the John H Urwin III Memorial Scholarship Fund will be held on Saturday, 29th of September, 2018 at 4:00pm at Coventry Community Center.

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